Whether you work from home or you have a job outside the house, better time management can allow you time for more of the things you love.

Whether or not you have children or a significant other, effective time management is the sure way to make time for them.


What Is Time Management?

Managing your time takes many steps.

It’s not just about thinking you’ll accomplish something by a certain time. It’s really a matter of setting goals for yourself, whether they are work goals or life goals.

Time management

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For many people, you need to manage work and personal time. If you have hobbies, children, work, and a home, you need time for all of those things.

There are steps that will help you manage activities and tasks better. Here are some tips in order of how they’ll benefit you the most when it comes to managing your time.


1. Know Your Priorities

You’ll never be able to manage your time consistently if you don’t have your priorities set. Priorities can change day to day or depending on where you are. When you’re at work, that should be your first priority. When you’re at home, you may have a myriad of priorities, some more important than others.

Once you’ve set your priorities, it’s important to focus on them. Focusing on work on your day off is counterproductive, just like focusing on your day off while still at work. If you have more than one daily priority work on the more important ones first and work your way down your priority list.


2. Set Short and Long Term Goals

If you want to be successful at time management, you’re going to be writing a lot of lists. Your priorities list tells you which things are most important, while your goals lists give you a direct concept of what you want to accomplish.

Goals should be something you can attain. If you’re setting goals that are too difficult, you’ll never complete them, and it can be discouraging. Set goals for now and for later. More difficult goals, like doubling your sales, should be set farther out.


3. Make Lists

Listing your priorities and goals won’t be the only things you’re writing down. List, in order, the things you want to accomplish each day. Think of it as a grocery list – it saves you time and helps you make sure you don’t forget to accomplish any of your tasks.

You can cross off things as you get them done. This ritual can even help boost your productivity, as you see items get checked off the list you feel accomplished and motivated.


4. Give Yourself a Plan

All of the things above give you the steps you need in order to devise a plan of attack for any goal you need to accomplish, whether it’s cleaning the house or finishing a big work project.

Having a plan helps you successfully accomplish things in a timelier manner.

Your plan could have a general outcome that helps with motivation as well. Maybe you’re picking up extra work in order to take a vacation – you’ll need to set tasks and goals to get the work done in time for vacation.


5. Set a Timer

Have a short-term goal with a tight deadline?

Set a timer.

All smartphones come equipped with timers, so why not put yours to good use.

Make sure you calculate an amount of time that you can feasibly accomplish your goal in. Don’t only give yourself half-hour to get something done that normally takes more than an hour. You’re possibly setting yourself up for failure by doing that.


Time Management and You

You are in control of time when it comes to the projects and life goals you want to accomplish. You may have set work hours, but it’s up to you what you do while you’re working.

If you spend your time on social media, and that’s not part of your job, it’s going to cut out a chunk of the time you need to complete your projects.

It’s always important to prepare for disruptions as well. If you work in a field with plenty of distractions, give yourself extra time to accomplish tasks. If you work from home and have children or pets, consider the fact that they may interrupt your workday. Plan around those distractions, so you still accomplish effective time management.


Don’t Get Discouraged

Not every project will get done on time. Learn from the mistakes you made in time management with that project and alter what you do next time.

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