If you dread that trip to grocery store every week, it should no longer be a problem for you with all of the opportunities available for online groceries.

Now, you can have someone else do your grocery shopping for you and deliver the goods right to your doorstep, or you can buy directly online.

The online grocery service you choose will definitely make your life easier.


What Is Grocery Delivery Service?

Grocery delivery services take the struggle out of grocery shopping.

Instead of spending an hour in the store and then waiting in long lines, someone else does it for you.

You pay a service fee, but you save time.

It’s easy enough to do. You go to the company website, whichever online grocery delivery service you choose, and select the groceries you want.

Place your order and make your payment, and in a few hours, your groceries will be delivered to your home.

Part of the order cost will be a fee to the delivery service. Also, these are service workers, so it’s nice to give them a tip for the work they’ve done. Think of all the time and hassle they saved you by doing your shopping for you.

Of course, there are also stores that sell groceries online that are shipped through the mail. You might not be ordering produce from them, but you can get great bargains on foods. You’ll learn about both types of grocery delivery companies here.


Picking the Best Service for You

Which online grocery delivery service you choose depends on your needs. You’ll want to pick one that offers produce, frozen items, meats, and dairy if you don’t want to go to the store at all. If you just want bargains on your shelf-stable items, you can pick from companies like Brandless and Thrive Market.



Everything on Brandless is $3. Some items come as two for $3 even. It’s like the old-school black and white labeled unbranded foods you’d buy at the grocery store. They all tasted the same – they just cost less.

Brandless sells more than just foods – they also have household and beauty items at low cost. You can even get free shipping on your first order. Brandless has health foods, like gluten-free options, as well.


Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh

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Amazon Fresh offers all the grocery items you need delivered fresh to your door. It’s not available in all areas though, so you’ll need to sign into your Amazon account and check your zip code.

Through this grocery delivery service, you can get perishables and non-perishables. They also have recipes you can search for that will help you plan your meals ahead of time. That way, you can create a more productive grocery list.


Thrive Market

If you’re into healthy eating, Thrive Market is the online grocery store for you. Thrive is the place to go for organic items. They sell shelf-stable foods and beauty products. They also have a wide variety of gluten-free options.

Thrive Market offers these healthy items at discounted prices, cheaper than you’ll find them at most of your local grocery stores. You can even get 20-percent off your first three orders, among other revolving deals.




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If your regular shopping happens at Meijer, Target, H.E.B., or Western Market, and you’re partial to this specific store, Shipt is the place for you to do your online grocery shopping.

From your computer or your phone, you can scroll the store aisles and pick the foods you want, pay the bill with a service fee, and have someone else do your shopping for you.

The shoppers hired by Shipt know how to look for the best produce as well. So, if you’re a picky shopper, you can expect to be satisfied with this service.



Instacart is similar to Shipt, in the fact that you get food from your local grocery stores, including Costco. They claim to deliver in as little as an hour. You can also find the best deals on your favorite food items using this delivery service.

This service, like Shipt and Amazon Fresh, might not be available where you live, especially in rural areas. Make sure to do a little research on your own to find out if you qualify before you get too excited about no longer needing to go to the grocery store.


How You’ll Benefit from Getting Groceries Delivered

The greatest benefits come from saving time.

When you don’t need to drive to the store, wade through the other shoppers, and stand in line, you have more time for meal prep and family time.

If you’re shopping with Brandless and Thrive Market, you’ll also have a chance to save some money.

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