Productivity is important whether you’re working for yourself or someone else.

If you tend to procrastinate or lose track of the things you’re supposed to be working on, it can put you behind deadline.

That’s where organizational apps and productivity apps can come in handy.

There’s Always an App for That

While a quick Google search won’t really bring up any apps specifically touted as being organizational, there are many types of apps that can help you stay organized and productive nonetheless.

Mobile apps are easy to access, so using them to help you keep your work life on track is a great idea.


1. Google Drive


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If you want an app that covers your files, videos, photos, and your email, Google Drive is the way to go.

It’s beneficial for those using Gmail as their email service provider, but it’s accessible by anyone. You can upload files, share them with people, and even make them public.

This is cloud storage at its finest. It’s a free app that allows you to keep track of everything in one place, where you can have access to it from any of your devices.


2. Hours (Time Tracking)

If you need an app that will help you track your work hours, Hours is the app for that. It’s great for entrepreneurs and those working from home. It’s also a great asset to businesses, allowing you to track your employees, if applicable.

It won’t just track the hours you’re working – it can also be used to keep track of your shifts and be set up to give you reminders when you have meetings or when lunchtime rolls around.

This app is $7.99 a month, but it will definitely help you keep your business organized.


3. Trello


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Trello is an online bulletin board that is perfect for task management. It is far more business-like than Pinterest, and it’s customizable. If you need a place to track your to-do list and notes, and more.

It’s easy to drag and drop anything you need to keep track of, including photos. Trello allows you to share the lists with other users, so it’s great for large and small businesses alike. If you need a place to assign tasks to others and track your own, this is the app for you.


4. Basecamp


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Basecamp is the place to go to keep everything organized if you’re running a business with more than one employee. It’s a tool that lets you coordinate with your team and manage all the project on your docket.

This app has a monthly fee, plus a setup cost, but it’s worth it when you are able to keep track of the people working for you with less stress. You can also keep in touch with your team using group messages.


5. Evernote


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Evernote allows you to post across platforms, from your blog to social media. You can upload videos, audio, photos, and more. You can also keep notes on there, whether they’re notes just for your use or to share elsewhere online.

There is a free version available for this app, which allows for 60MB of content each month. You can get more space and more options with a paid account.


6. Dropbox

If you’re a freelance writer or musician, you’ll especially benefit from this app. That doesn’t mean it’s not useful to others when it comes to staying organized. This organizational app is cloud storage that lets you put things in files, keep it private, or even share it when you need to.

Dropbox is free. However, you get a limited amount of data space if you keep your account a free one.


Staying Productive without Apps

Staying organized starts with knowing what it means to be organized to you.

Does it mean a clean desk, all your files in one place, and a knowledge of your exact work hours?

Being organized helps you stay organized and on task.

It also helps to start with the things that are easier and that you enjoy doing the most. Zip through them, and then you can get to the more difficult tasks. Even if you don’t have set deadlines for your work, make some up. This can help with productivity as well.

If you work with a team, or have a team that works for you, make sure you get their help when you need it. Don’t fall behind task just because you want to do everything yourself.


Keeping Productive

Don’t forget to take breaks when you’re busy – it will help you stay more productive if you get a breather now and then.

An organized desk and workspace will also help you stay busier and get everything done on time. Keep your online info organized use the organizational apps above.

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