When you bring work home with you, it can affect your life and your family’s life.

It can be especially difficult to leave work at the office when you love your job, and even when you work at home.

However, it is possible to do that.


Why You Need Work-Life Balance

When work crosses over into your life, it can cause stress.

That stress affects your health, as well as your relationship and career.

If you’re always taking work home with you, it will quickly cause burnout.

Career burnout is difficult to deal with, as it can cause all sorts of issue. You may be tired all the time, and even find it hard to fall asleep at night. It can be difficult to get motivated to do your work. It can cause anxiety and depression.

In order to keep work at work, you need to end your workday when you punch out. This will help nix work-related stress, somewhat anyway.

There are other causes of work-related stress like hating your job, having difficulty with co-workers, and feeling stuck with no chance of moving up the ladder.


How to Stay Balanced

Being balanced both at and between work and home will help you have less stress in your life.

Leaving work behind will also give you more time to do the things you like to do (like spend time with your family and friends).

There are some things that will help you avoid burnout and keep you happy with your job.


1. Take Your Required Breaks and Don’t Skip Lunch

Even if you’re in a hurry to get your work done, that’s no reason to skip a breather now and then.

If you’re working non-stop, and not bothering to take your breaks, you’re going to get burned out. You may have all your work done, but it’s all still going to come home with you in the stress from not taking a moment off during the day.

It can be pretty tempting to work through lunch, but the sustenance you get from that meal will help you have the energy to get through the second half of the day. If you stay focused during your work hours, lunch shouldn’t interfere with your ability to get the job done.


2. Don’t Take Work Home with You

Leave work at work. That’s the most important thing to remember when it comes to avoiding work-related stress. If you work from home, make sure you have a specific work area. This will help you avoid work-related stuff when you are “off the clock.”

Don’t bring projects home with you. Leave paperwork on your desk. The only time work should come home with you is if you’re getting paid to do it at home. Even if you’re on-call, you still don’t have to be focused on work unless that call comes in.


3. Leave Job Talk at the Job

Don’t talk about work at home either. Leave it in the office. Obviously, if your family asks how your work day went or what you have been working on at the office, you can answer them. But once you’ve answered, change the conversation and let it go.

If you go out with co-workers for some evening cocktails, leave the work talk out of it. It’s during those moments when you have a little alcohol in you that you’re more likely to say the wrong thing. Plus, this is an opportunity to let loose and not worry about work-life.


4. Make Family Plans

If you’re busy with your family your more likely to forget about work. Talk about what they’re up to at the dinner table.

Plan a movie night or a game night. This will help you get your mind off the workday and on relaxing things that are part of normal life. Find a hobby that will help keep your hands or mind (or both) busy, and work will be all but forgotten until the alarm goes off tomorrow.


5. Do Stress Relieving Things

Take a spa day on one of your days off, or just relax in the tub after a long day of work. If you find it hard to stop ruminating on work when you’re at home, do some meditating to help you clear your mind.

Work stress can be intense, but you don’t have to let it control you. You need to get in control of it by doing relaxing things.


Don’t Lose Your Motivation

Don’t let your break or time off keep you from being motivated at work. You need to be just as balanced when you’re on the clock – leave personal stuff at home. Your personal life has no place in the office.

Feature image via Morning Coffee With Dee

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