Food subscription boxes are extremely popular right now, and for a good reason. They take the stress out of grocery shopping and meal preparation. The right subscription box comes with all you need to prepare some great meals.


What Is It About Subscription Boxes?


Subscription boxes are convenient and easy, even if they may not save you money on groceries. The cost depends on the box and plan you pick. The cost is worth it when it comes to getting fresh foods delivered to your door that come with recipes that instruct you how to prepare what you get.

If you’ve been thinking about trying a subscription box, go for it.

Even the non-food ones offer monthly payment plans that allow you to cancel at any time, it’s worth seeing if what you get is worth it to you.

If a food box is in your future, here are some of the ones you should check out.


1. Blue Apron

Blue Apron

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Blue Apron offers a two-person plan and a family plan, so you can make your choice depending on how many people you’re feeding.

They personalize your meal plan by choices you make when you sign up – perfect for people with specific eating preferences and food allergies or intolerances.

Worried about the freshness of food delivered via the mail? Blue Apron packs your items in a refrigerated so you rest assured your food comes to you fresh and ready to cook.


2. HelloFresh


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HelloFresh is another meal service that doesn’t make you commit. Pause your shipments at any time. Search through their selection of recipes to pick healthy meals for your home. They have a prep and cook time of 30-minutes for the meals. Not only do you save time by not needing to go to the grocery store, but you also spend less time in the kitchen.


3. Plated

Plated offers two to four serving selections, for two to four meals a week. Prices vary depending on the amount of meals you want and how many people you’re feeding. But it runs around $10 per serving (plus shipping, of course). You’d spend more than feeding just two people at a restaurant or even at an unhealthy fast food joint.

Plated offers great meal selections from around the globe. They also have seasonally accurate recipes, so you get the freshest foods possible in your subscription box.


4. Green Chef

Green Chef

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Green Chef is a certified gluten-free meal planning subscription box service. They offer paleo and keto meal plans as well. Omnivores and carnivores, as well as vegetarians, shouldn’t feel left out – there are plans available for you, too.

Green Chef offers the best in organic ingredients. Once you pick your plan, they send you the ingredients you need in order to make meals that allow you to live a healthy life.

For anyone that has special dietary needs, this is one of the best options in subscription meal kits.


5. Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot

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If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, Purple Carrot should be your go-to subscription box. They offer a plant-based diet for optimal health. Instead of struggling to come up with unique plant-based meals, Purple Carrot will help you make great meals without the struggle.

Unfortunately, Purple Carrot only offers a meal plan for one to two people. If you have a large family, this option may not work out for you. If it’s just you and your child or a significant other, it could be the perfect choice.


6. Home Chef

Home Chef’s website claims they’re #1 in the market when it comes to meal kits and food delivery services. This is according to a third party study.

It’s simple, you just pick your recipes, and they ship the ingredients to you. Home Chef also sells kitchenware items, and they have gift certificates.


Other Types of Meal Delivery Service

Meal delivery isn’t a new concept, while meal kits in the mail are a newer thing.

Meals On Wheels, a complete warm meal delivery service, has been around for a while and delivers fresh and frozen (microwaveable) meals to seniors to help them continue feeling independent even if they can no longer cook or make it to the grocery store for food shopping.

Now, you also have grocery delivery services. This takes a lot of stress off seniors and busy families. You place your order, and a shopper buys your stuff and delivers it right to your door.


Further Your Culinary Talents

Aside from getting great foods delivered right to your doorstep, meal subscription boxes allow you a chance to expand your culinary talents.

You’ll be cooking new dishes that you might have never attempted otherwise. Use what you learn to experiment in the kitchen and come up with fun new healthy meal ideas for your family.

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