Family game night is a time for fun and a time for bonding.

There are hundreds of options when it comes to tabletop games. It doesn’t matter whether you want to play board games or card games, or if you want something new or something classic.

Here’s a little bit of everything when it comes to some of the best games for family fun and entertainment.


Classic Games

Scrabble, The Game of Life, Monopoly, and so many other games have been around for decades, and they still offer lots of family fun when it comes to the classic game. Here are some classic family games that are still fun to play for everyone.


1. Monopoly


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While classic Monopoly is no longer at the classic price, it’s still a fun game that will teach your children how to count and how to be in control of the money they make (or how to lose it all). The classic version is $40 on Amazon, and for around that same price, you can get versions for your favorite cartoons, movies, and TV shows.


2. Scrabble

Scrabble, Junior Scrabble, and Scrabble Deluxe are all great for families that love words. At the bargain price of $14, the original Scrabble will help the entire family expand their vocabulary as you all work to make the words worth the most points with the tiles you draw.


New Games

Board games are getting more diverse these days. Some of them may be more confusing as well. If you’re looking for some fun family games that don’t need a translator to help you understand the confusing instructions, here are a couple of excellent choices that everyone in the family will enjoy.


3. Ticket to Ride


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If you want to take a cross-country adventurous train ride with your family, from the comfort of your dining room table, Ticket to Ride is a great game option for you.

It’s a play on “Around the World in 80 Days,” in which you try to travel to the most cities in North America within a certain amount of time. It’s a game for two to five players, making it a game perfect for families.

This game combines board games with card games.  It has train miniatures as well. One winner takes all. This game is available on Amazon for $40.


4. Pandemic

For teens and adults, Pandemic is a much talked about game right now. The premise of this game is that there are four diseases spreading across the world and you play as part of a team of specialists that may be able to find the cure.

One of the most fun things about this game is that it is cooperative. That means that there is no one winner. You either all win, or you all lose.

You can snatch this addictive game for $35 on Amazon.


Card Games

Sometimes, you want to just play with some cards. It takes up less space than a board, and it has less little pieces to lose. Card games are fun and easy, and they may not be as boring as you think they are.


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5. UNO

UNO is a much-loved card game that teaches children how to match colors and numbers. You don’t have to stick with classic UNO though. There are deluxe options and more.

One of the most fun versions of UNO for family game night is the DARE! version.

DARE! forces players to do things like talk like a mouse or be completely silent until it’s their time to play again. No saying UNO, no laughing even!

This fun version of UNO is available for less than $6 on Amazon.


6. Spot It

Teach your kids to think and move fast with fun board games like Spot It. This card game requires a good eye and a quick hand. You need to match images from the card in the discard pile and the pile in front of you. It’s fast and furious. There are versions of this game for little ones, sports fans, and even hipsters.

For just $30 on Amazon, you can get a two pack of Spot Its, fun for everyone.


How to Pick the Right Board Games for Your Family

Consider everyone’s age, attention span, and interests when it comes to picking a tabletop game the entire family will enjoy.

Go to the toy store with the family and give everyone a vote on which games will come home with you.

Make sure you introduce them to your favorite childhood games as well – even Hungry Hungry Hippos is still around.

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