Keeping a family organized is far different than just keeping yourself or your workspace organized. You have multiple people using things and leaving messes. You’re going to have a lot of work to do – but these tips will help.


An Organized Home Is a Happy Home

A disorganized home can make it hard for you to stay focused on the important things.

But if you’re not the only one living there, you need to be able to have the rest of the people staying organized as well, or you’ll end up with chaos.

To keep everyone organized, there are some tips and tricks you can use to keep your home and your family organized.


Make a Space for Everything

Everything in your home needs to have a home of its own.

This is where storage will come in handy if you own a lot of things. If you don’t, make sure the stuff you do own all has its own shelf space.

Giving things a place to call home keeps them from piling up on the counters, tables, and other furniture. Even your keys need their own space.

Hang up a key rack where everyone can put their keys, instead of tossing them wherever (this also ensures you can always find them when you need them).

If you have a lot of small items, save up small containers you can store them in. Learn to organize things on shelves to make the most space. Keep bills, receipts, and other important documents into their respective file folders.

Remember – out of sight means out of mind, and you don’t want to forget your own things, or you’ll be wasting money buying them again.


Use Tags and Color-Coding

Use Tags and Color-Coding

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When each item in your home has its own place to be stored, consider using tags or color-coding to remind people what goes where. This will keep you from continually needing to rearrange the things that someone else has put away the wrong way. Do this on shelving and on storage boxes.

If you have items in storage, it also helps to make sure you have a list on the outside of the tote that contains everything that’s in that box.

This will save you the trouble of empty tote after tote when you’re looking for one single item.


The Importance of To-Do Lists

Having a to-do list for the people in your household is a good idea as well when it comes to family organization.

The Importance of To-Do List

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Give everyone chores that revolve around keeping the house clean and organized. Each person can have their own list, or you can create a family list on a dry erase board.

Just change who does what each week to give each family member some variety in their tasks.

There are plenty of things that should be on your to-do list when it comes to organizing your home. Here are some of them:

  • Put away the clean dishes.
  • Put away the laundry.
  • Clean your room, or another room of the house.
  • Alphabetize the videos/music (if they’re out of order from watching them).
  • Rearrange the furniture (this happens in family households).
  • Put the toys or games away.

Another part of keeping your home organized is keeping your yard neat and organized. If your kids have a lot of outdoor gear, make sure they’re keeping it away and organized in a garage or shed. Even toys made for the outdoors can wear out when left to the elements.


Storage Tips and Tricks

You learned a couple of storage tips already, like using color-coded labels and putting lists of contents on storage boxes. There are plenty more that can aid you in keeping your home organized and keeping your items safe and secure.

  • Use plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes (mice can eat the boxes and spiders are attracted to them as well).
  • Keep items stored in the basement up high enough that if your basement floods your items will be safe.
  • For more space on shelves, buy the foldable cloth drawers (you can find them for cheap at dollar stores).
  • Invest in some closet organizers – you’ll be amazed at how much storage room they open up in your closets.
  • Make sure kids have toy boxes and storage bins for all of their toys, games, and art supplies.

Keeping Everyone On Track

These tips will help keep everyone in line when it comes to keeping your home clean, and ensuring that you can find the things you want when you need them.

Make sure everyone understands how the system works and don’t be afraid to remind them (even the adult family members) when they’re forgetting to participate in keeping things organized.

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