Family time can be a fun time if you pick family activities that everyone will enjoy.

There are lots of things the entire family can do together, at home and away from home. If you’ve been trying to come up with some fun activities for your family, look no further.


How to Plan for Family Fun

Before you start making time for fun, consider how much time you have.

You can plan something fun to do that will only take up a couple of hours, or you can plan some vacation fun that will have you busy the entire week.

You definitely want to consider your time available.

Families of all kinds, from big to small, can enjoy the following fun activities:


1. Plan a Family Game Night

Family game night is fun for everyone, as long as everyone in the family likes to play games. You can choose between board games, card games, and video games. With so many options, there has to be something everyone will be happy with.

You can even play outdoor games when it’s nice out. You can set up a small yard tennis or badminton course in your yard. Play horseshoes or corn-hole. You can even play soccer or touch-football. Pick something everyone likes.


2. Plan a Family Movie Night

Not feeling like gaming? Try a family movie night if you want a cozy night in with the entire family. Pick an age-friendly movie suited to the youngest child.

If your kids are all above toddler status, you could consider watching a documentary with them. Documentaries offer a great way for all of you to learn together, and there are documentaries of all kinds, from wellness to wildlife.


3. Go to an Amusement Park

Take the kids to the local carnival or go to an amusement park. Both offer fun rides and other fun things to do, like playing carnival games and eating cotton candy. Most amusement parks now have water parks on the same property, which are a great getaway on hot days.


4. Go Camping

Consider spending some time in the wilderness (even if it’s not very remote). Camping can be fun for everyone, even if you’re just camping in your own backyard.

Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows together or make s’mores. Have hot dogs cooked over the open fire. Tell campfire tales and spend the morning hours talking about natures and the different plants and animals you’ve seen.


5. Spend the Day at the Park

If you want some time in nature, but you don’t want to spend the night with it, consider a trip to the park. Parks offer a lot of things for the entire family.

You can play tennis or basketball, go hiking, play tag, enjoy some time on the swings, or even have a picnic. Make sure you bring along the sunscreen and some bug spray.


6. Visit Another State

Have more than a day or two to have a little family fun? Consider visiting another state. You could go see family, go camping, or visit a tourist attraction. While you’re in another state, take some time to learn the history of that state.

7. Visit Another Country

You could take the whole family on a vacation to another country. This is a great experience, and there is so much they can learn. Immerse yourselves into another country and begin learning a new language. It will be family time they never forget.


8. Volunteer

If your kids are old enough to walk and talk, and maybe do the dishes, they’re old enough to enjoy volunteering. There are sundry ways in which you can volunteer.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Some of you can serve, some can clean dishes, and others can help with table cleanup. Volunteer at a local community garden, helping plant or harvest vegetables. Your children will learn some new skills and will help other people in the process.


9. Go to the Beach

If it’s nice outside, go to the beach. If there’s no beach near where you live, consider a trip to the community pool. Swimming is fun for the entire family. Even those that don’t like the water can have fun sunbathing or building sandcastles. Sunscreen is an important thing to pack for the trip. You’ll want to reapply after anyone spends time in the water.


Family Activities Help Families Bond

Spending time with your family allows you more chances to catch up with what’s going on in each other’s lives. You’ll learn things together, have fun together, and make great memories that you all will carry with you throughout the rest of your life.

Feature image via Red Tricycle

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